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YES, We ship not only within national borders but worldwide to most cities and states with operational postal institutions. We can receive packages from international sellers and buyers. As a middleman, we fill out customs form disguising the contents of the package, considering the content of our packages are never disclosed.
In order to streamline the process from when we receive a package for you to shipping it out for final delivery, we require your shipping profile to be completed with your address and payment information saved and ready to use. This allows us to be have all the information we need on hand to quickly and properly process your shipment so you get your package as soon as possible. It will also allow you to keep your Discreet Drop address saved with your sellers so you can use it any time without having to visit your Discreet Drop dashboard to generate a new code, so if and when we ever get a package for you, we’ll know just what to do with it without having to contact you and get payment information every time in order to send your package to you, saving time and effort. If you end up signing up but never using Discreet Drop, don’t worry, we will only ever charge your card if we receive a package to process and send out to you.
Once your package arrives to our facility, it won’t take more than a day for it to be process and sent out to you. After that, it usually takes same day(express) or around 3 to 5 days (standard) for the package to be delivered to you, depending on your location.