Mail Services

Mail Services

Gets Fast Mail Delivery Service

Send your letters, bills, and other packages through our mail Service. From addressing to sorting, we offer complete bulk mail, presort first class, and package fulfillment for your mailings. Be sure to ask about our available postal discounts.

For the last 10 years our award winning mail forwarding company has provided tens of thousands of customers with a physical mailing address in the USA where they can receive USA mail, packages and purchases.

Why Choose us

To fully maximize our roles as freight forwarders, we decided to focus on dealing with problems related to shipment processes and delivery. If your business is in need of a freight forwarder to handle huge amounts of cargo to be delivered on time across the continents, 247 GLS is more than ready to give you a solution.

Because for every shipment service that you may need from time-to-time, we got it covered. You can take advantage of world-wide network if you do business anywhere in Europe, US, Africa, Indonesia, Japan or China.

Safety & Compliance

We find delight in providing comprehensive and professional freight forwarding services for easing you supply chain needs. We aim to contribute well to your company by brewing effective supply chain management strategies. Our professional resources is dedicated to ensure that there is constant and timely delivery of all consignments under our care.

Our Skills

10 years of experience in Logistics services

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