Sea Freight

Ocean Freight

Did you know that more than 90% of the complete world trade is moved by ocean freight?

When cost effectiveness is what you are looking for, containerized ocean freight is the answer. Worldwide routes and transit times are continuously improving and being made more efficient to meet the wishes of the global demand.

We will assist in finding the perfect FCL/LCL solution for your company and your global business
  • Ocean freight is the most cost-effective mode of transportation and can be implemented for the smaller partial loads (LCL) and the full container loads (FCL).
  • The range of sailings and options are well represented globally with the vast network of MN Global Logistics at your fingertips. Whatever your logistic need is, there is likely a fitting schedule to suit it.
  • Safe and sound creates ease of mind. The risk of damages or calamities are very low in ocean freight. Within MN Global Logistics, we value the global rules and regulations that ensure your products arrive in the desired state at the wanted destination.